Our programme for 2011 and beyond:

Forest to City Project:

Forest to city project was concieved in Denver Colorado in the united states, when Rev. Humphrey O. Nsirim the Chiarman/Chief Executive officer of Hope For the Hopeless Global Initiative  was invited to speak in the first Mediators Beyond Boarder international peacebuilding summit  which held in Regis university Denver.  As he was in his room in Harward Johnson hotel. He said in his cogitation and appreciation of the beauty of Denver, he had a word from the Lord saying to him, “the place is not the issue but the people, take a man and equip him with knowlege, then send him into a forest, he will turn that forest into a city. Again take a Man without knowlege, build a city and put him he will turn it into a forest. therefore you can turn your community, city, and Nation into what you dream it to be.” Hence ”Forest To City project”.

  • 4 to 14 window: Our target of this programme is to reach the children from age 4-14 and equip them for national tranformation. These children will beging in thier families to practice kingdom principles and this will start 2011-2015.
  • 15 to 40 window: We are already working among these youths, but we want to engage them with a focus on community/National development. This will start 2011-2015.
  • Disciple the Nations: This will be in collaboration with Disciple The Nations in the USA. 
  • HOMES OF HOPE: This is a programme that will provide homes for homeless families that cannot really provide homes for themselves. it is in collaboration with YWAM San Diego/Baha Califonia.
  • BUILDING OF LEARNING CENTERS: This is a community based programme that will provide for children and young people in our communities access to global information in all field of learning. This will be in collaboration with Chrysalis Campeign  United states of America. 
  • PROVISION OF CLEAN WATER FOR RURAL COMMUNITIES: This programme strictly is targeted at rural communities that do not have access to clean water, and the community people will be trained on how to manage these facilities by themselves at a very low cost. This programme will be in Collaboration with Hydromissions United States. 

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From Conflict to Peace

H4HGI Formula for Sustainable Peace

Moving a community or individual from conflict to sustianable peace requires both an understand of the local culture, and plan in the mitagtion and the delivery of the plan. It require a plan that brings the entire community together in order to succeed.


H4HGI works with all stakeholder to identify common ground and create a realistic plan the achievable for all parties


H4GHI provide safe clean housing for youth that require drug and alcohol rehabilitation


H4GHI works with local business to develop training programs to transform the soldier into a productive part of the community


H4GHI develops programs community social and sporting program for self-esteem and community integration

Spritual Foundation

Good citizenship requires a foundation of good family and social values. It cries out for forgiveness and mercy. All faiths are a part of turning a conflict around and responsible for its success. From short term project of a mission teem to long term ministry of local church, we all play role in peace and loving one another.