Divided we fall. Conflict and social pressure creat deep divides. Division bewteen people, government and business hurt both the people and the cuntry. Even divisions between NGOs, Agencies and faith based mission create hurt. Sometimes this divide have horrific consequence both emotionall and economically. Often both parties feel the conflict between them will be endless cycyles that will never stop. We have witnessed when companies, goverment and youth felt the entire cycle was with no way out, Hopeless.

In many way the hopelessness of a conflict becomes a collaborative lie that everyone eventually accepts as a truth. All parties become blinded that it can be replaced replaced by a collaborative dream and set of concrete plans to work together on healing and growing a community.

Healthy roads to recovery all start with mediation and learning to live live and work together on common interests despite our differences. Without a sense of unity there is no Hope that anything will change.  Our Hope for the Hopeless Global initiative starts with mediation and then backing it up the promises with tangible actions and programs that aid in the healthy healing and recovery of the community.

Environment Pressures

There are many environmental pressure that create desperation, suffering and violence. Some and climate changes some are man made. In either case all parties need to come together with common plans and values to keep the situation from worsening. Often the issue is to big for anyone to handle alone and take longer than anyone has time to wait. Sometimes just taking simple steps can be the road to recovery.

Nigeria Delta Oil Spills

Social Economic Precure

Laying down arms can take seconds but learning new skills takes time and the opportunity for a job after trained is another issue. We need to immediately caputer youth and place the promise work in the heart with competent training and then placement. It a system that is broken we must proved to them it still can work for them and their families.

Tribal Pressures

War Issues

Historic Pressures